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nation rrised during the labor day telethon. good morning. %-i'm patrice 7th. a lot of people getting back to the weather, a little cool right now but getting better. meteorologist steve fertig is here with a look aa hat we can expect. >> we can't stop talking about -he ravens. >> we have been talking about >> with the terps aad the maryland winning. >> i tell yyu what, weather wise we're going to make the moves up the ladderrin terms of the temperatures getting into the upper 80s. it will be a sunny day, a pretty day, though. although the humidity will star3 to climb, too. 599in hagerstown andd62 in salisbury. sky hd radar and high pressure is shifting off to the east a
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little bet mor bit more and briu the southerly flow. we see the showers to the west that dissipates as the front pushes through. you could get to the west by late tonight passing through in those areas much generrlly friday night and cooler,,3 breezier conditions mmve in behind that front foo thursday and friday. mostly sunny and cooler, thursday throughhsaaurday even. showers and a thunnerstorm most likely late saturday into your sunday. all right, let's see what is -appennng on the roads with lauren cooke to deal with the trackkedge. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve. we continue to follow breakiig news out of northwest baltimore where a house fire has shutddwn hillsdale road. you want to stick with glen oak aveeue as an alternate route. megan gilliiand will bring you up to speed at the scene. check at the west ide of liberty road, you ccn see cars are moving along fine. you're looking at an 11-minute rrde from 795 too95 with an
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averrge speed of 54 mmles per it will remain clear from 95 to 83, that will take you 11 minutes. the average speed of 4 miles per hour aa well. not only an 8-minute ride through the fort mchenry that's the traffic edge report.f patrice, back to you. we are folllwing breaking news out oo northwess balttmore this morniig. a two-alarm fire ripped will you a vacant houue leading to the evacuation of a nearby nursing home. megan gilliland is live along liberty heighhs avenue with more this fire. it looks likk annactive scene, megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, still a very active and hillsdale road.ights avenue smoke is pouring from the rooftop inside of a vacann home in the 3600 block of hillsdale rrad. theeflames broke oot around 3:30 this morning when crews arrived, those flames were so
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intense, they called for backup of the ventually those flames %-of that buulding.either side firefighters evacuated one man ú%om the house next door. the other house wws senior center and some members there did have toy havin to evacuate 4 residents. >> neither suffered any injuuies and they were evacuated to another facility. right the now the smoke continued to satuuate the building until it's extinguish. >> reporter: crews are working to puu out the hotspots this that vacaat home and making sure that he othhr homes on the other side are okay. damage and a lot of damage done to the vinyl on either side. damage estiiates not in just yet, and the cause, of course, right nowwthe main concern for the morning commuters is going to be the traffic here. libertt heights avenue is still closed rrght now.
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they're trying to start letting oneelane go through. you can see cars lininggup ttying to fiiure out what they're going to do. hillsdale road, closee and no cars getting through t this point. patrice, back to you. megan, the ursing home that it was damaged to the point that %-it's precautionary that theyy3 have been moved out of the hooe. >> reeorter: they are not saying whether it's been precautionary or not. the residents have been moved out of there and taken to another home. at this point x if they re going to get n it's not clear. they are going to have to check and see how much damage waa done firrt. >> megan gilliland. reporting from northwest baltimore, thank you. police are investigating a triple shooting that happened near lafa la fayette. after three men were shot and took themselles to the hospital. they are all expected to you are ú%ef. baltimoreecouuty police shoot a man after they say he lunged for an officer's fight during a fight.
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it happened yesterday at the square at shopping center at randallstown. police were called to the shopping center afttr a caall913 about a an acting erratically in the parking lot. when officers arrived and tried attacked him. one of the officer's used the car door to shield himself from the suspect but the man kept coming reaching for the officer's gun. that is when another officer opened fire. >> the suspect,,immediately approached the officer and there eventual low was a struggle over the officcr weapon. with time a second officer pulled up to the ssene, observed what was going on ann shot the suspect in the chest. >> the suspect was taken to shock trauma in critical but stable condition. the woman accused of setting ablaze that hurt a baltimore firefighter is scheduled to be
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in court today. the trial of 20 years old britney garcia will start this morning. she is facing charges including arson and reckless engagement..3 prosecutors say in aprrl she started a fire in a northwest firefighter jeff novac suffered severe burns in that blaze andú is expected to testify. garcia could spend up to 30 years in jail in founn guiity. there's a motion hearing set for today in the case of a high school teacher accused of having sex with a student on school ú%ounds. carl ray moore was charged in may withhseveral sex offenses. the boo yeargay years52 years oc instructor. police say hh had sex with a 17 years ood student inside of a closet. the girl told her mother who the democratic candidates for baltpor county executive are
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-rying to get the public's attention through the media. those ads don't come cheap. those that kevin kamenetz has spent $970,0000on t.v. ads, comppred to joe barton felder $243,000. that is about 4 times more. but barton felder out spentt3 kamenetz in brochures. it comes too$375,000. where kamenetz hassput out 44,000. the prrmary is one week away on ssptember 14. staa tuned for fox 45 coverage of this story. we will talk to a political analyst about the biggest races in the maryland primary. that is coming up later thii hour. we will have gregg bernsseen candidate for city state attorney to talk about his campaign. that is coming up in the 7:00 hour. swim away the pain.
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diseases can nclude taking dozens of pills and counttesss3 hours at the doctor's officee -ut nowwthere's new hope for their way to relief. joelld smith is live at harbor east with a closer look at aqua therapy. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. they're starting to omen academy here at shaw. good mmrning, ann. >> ood morning. >> reporter: tell us about aquatic therapy. you guys have been doing this for a whill, but it seems like there's a lot more people that need this and they're coming in trying it out. >> we have gooe from seeing 3-4 -lients a week to probably 80 a week beiig referred by doctors, and local orthoppdic surgeons. there's a increase of benefits of aqqatic therapy. >> reporter: we have somebodd here work on things now. why do yoo think that peeple are cctching on this idea? >> waterris becoming a new venue for rehas been an rehaa and peoe
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realizing ttere's an impact on the body and people can get in -he water and start rehabbingú quicker than on the land. >> reporter: there's so many people that can teach people how to swim, we stiil have 5,000 drownings a year. the swim academy how can thatú help. >> we start the lessons at 6 months to tryyto introduce the kids and parentssto water safety and how they can make the water a safe place to have fun. >> reporter: what is the maxum academy. p> we offer it at the facility. >> reporter: good, and so %-they become members here..3 >> they don'' have to be a academy. >> reporter: even better, so there you go. the therapy is helping out this guu right heree he does an hour or two at a time. you alk to ome other people gettinn over knee problems, really tte impact is not there, but they're getting aal tte work in, patrice. >> sounds like a greaa program, joel, thank you. coming up texting facebook
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overseas. had no concept of how much that bill -- >> how much higher one family phone bill was after an international vacation. nature center for man: let me see the map.
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mess. don't bug oot, you can spend the day with creepy crawlerssat bug fest.
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more power to you emily, i don't want to be in your place right now. there's a lot of bugs crawling round here. and not all safety. there's a lot of venomous bugg. bug fest is going oo this saaurdaa, and it's not just about bugg. we are seeinn some plants out here, too. you are tellingny thes telling s actually eat bugs. >> this is where mother nature has its revenge. there's so many insects that eat plants. >> there's a lot of mosquitoes in my backyard. what is the best plants to plant in high backyard.3 >> the best ones that would get the most mosqqitoes and nats, it'' like sun does. thhy smelll ike a perfume. they land on it ann the leaves will curl up with he bugs oo it and the bugs breakdown. that is actually how they get their fooo. >> check out that bug daddy.
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bug fest goinn on this saturday from 10:00 to 4:00 here at the murphy center. it looks like a great weekend in store for us. for more information find out everything on our website at 81 degrees n saturday, a cold fronn coming through tomorrow night will bring cooler weather for the weekend, goretious gorgs weather. >> we like o plant the bugs. >> we will be talkinggabout the actual buus nnxt time. great. there will beea of sunshine for the plants. %-take a look at the sky hd rad, a dry scan and looking pretty good. you check out the temperatures around the area, 62 degrees in baltimore. and hagerstoon at 65 degrees and -he dew point is going to climb a little bit today. we will be a little bit more humid as high pressure slides to the east, we get plenty of sunshine from the high pressure, but we're going to get more in
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the way of a southerly flow incú bringing the temperatures into the upppr 80s. it will bring showers tt the today but tooight overnight tonight. it otherwise will be dry and cooler air moves in behind this ú-we will keep talking about the moisture from the remnants of hermine which is a trooical storm moving into texas and it's going to continue to bring he moisture. hermine in the meantime has to sciefnlt that won' 69. gaston is a tropical grrtion. we are not concernnd about that. it's falling apart in the atlantic right now. a lot of sun and 50 miies per hundred thoosand wind, gust -igher at times as it will be in the case of the central part of the state, where we will climb to 88 degrees. sunshine in the wess. we will bllbt plenty of that, t. after 67 degrees starting out 82 by noon and 86 at 6:00 p.m.
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topping out at 88 right around 4:00 and 68 oveenight for the low temperature with partly cloudy skies. ú%morrow aaothee warm day get up to 7 degrees. mostly sunny skiessafter the morriig shower, a thunderstorm possible, but 79 degrees, cooler on thursday and friday, too with a lot of sunnhine a high of 89 on saturday very comfortable then. 84 withhthe best chance of seeing a shower or thunderstorm then, even then 30% on sunday. lauren cooke is here with the track edge. lluren. >> reporter: thank you, -tevv. well, most of our lines are3 looking clear as with you check and look at the cooridor of 95 ú%st north of 695..3 you can see everything is up to speed. we're looking at 50 miles per hour along the southbound lanes. you are traveling that in the parkville area. here is a live look at harford road where you can see cars are zipping aaongside, you'ree3 looking at an 11--inute ride from 95 to 83. if you're traveling in anna run
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dea!!!annearundellcouuty, we doo house fires working right now, one in howard county and colummia that sat in away, we hhve the hickory road at an -nother house fire in northwest baltimore. this is where megan gilliland will bring you an update in just a minute. it has shutdown hillsdale road. you can stick with glen oak avenue as an alternate route. that's the traffic edge report. patriie, back to you. thank you, lauren. helping jerry's kids. go, go! n yes! , the impacthe impact the eccnod -ave had on how much money was raised on the jerry lewis mda telethon. i had no concept of how muuh higher that bill ould be. >> next, a nearll 10,000-dollar phone bill. what this family is doing after
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checking face ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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it's a vacation nightmare. coming home to an expensive cell phone bill accumulated during an overssas trip. extra about a few mollie keeghts ha!! keith has me texas family monster bill. theyydo a lot together. they are brother and sister after all..3 the duo and their mom recennly returned from iirael. >> we wenn to the dead sea. >> we camppd out and road camels. >> we fell in love with the puppy. >> the pairrof 13 years old sam
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plenty of time using their cell phonee ú% i played gamess >> reporter: where was mmm when the kids were on facebook texting and playing online she was right there, she even snapped a few pictures featuring thh kidsswith their phones. >> i thought thh bill would be a little higher but i had no concept of how much higher the biil could be. ú% reporter: how much was the bill, more than $9,500. it grew morr than $9,700 with late fees. >> it was doing one of those moments when you take a breathe and you feel your stomach. >> reporter: a cell phone bill aboot as expensive as thh vacation itself. -p>> i did save a long time for ú%is trii. this is not -- to me. >> reporter: dr. ivanho learned that there were alerts >> yyu are being charged $50. >> reporter: but she says she never received a warning.
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>> the person that is paying the bill needs to be the person getting the alert. >> reporter: verizonnwireless has agreed tootake $4,000 off the bill. sam is arah in he meantime have come up withha list of ways to help mom pay. >> to be dog walkers. to babyysit.ú verrzon an lert is sent to everyyphone on the plan when you travel internationally. the compaay ssys global roaming is so expensive, because your cell phone company has to use a host carrier to connect you. the feessdepend on what country you'rr in and the host carrier's charges.ú now verizon suggest that you check out the international rates before you travel and the ivanho's couldn't agree more. >> wow. still to come, man's best unfriendly hair. >> there's a little about the o3 hair flying around. >> the best products to keep your home ur free.
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and later the primaries are just a week away our pplitical anal
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afttr kicking off september with a rally, all was quiet in elsewhere the marketsswere hot. at the end offaugust but has lo3 been riding the international momentum. markets in europe and asia are reacting to a series of positiv3 reports innluding friday's better ttan expected jobsú report. it's a working holiday for prrsident obama. he spoke in milwaukee, wisconsin on monday.
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it's the first of two weeks of laying the frame fork for his >> the proolem for working families, there's notting new, but they are more serious than ever. that makessour cause more urgent than ever. >> reporter: the president iss3 scheduled to speak on wednesday at cleveeand, ohio. time when americans are increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the economy. a new cnn opinion poll finds 41% of americans describe today's economic conditions as poor. for business brief. i'm april williams. coming up, it's annual tradition for a good cause. >> go, go! >> yes. have had on how much money was raised during the jerry ewis and firecrews are sttll her3 on thh cene in the early scene of a fire in northwest
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ú%ltimore. i'm megan gill lan. the condition of the 5 peopll evacuaaed. harder than it looks. aquatic center. the newest thing they are oing here is
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welcome back to fox 45 morring news. 6:29 is the time. you're taking a live looo attthe scene of a fire in northwestt3 baltiiore.
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it's affecting ttaffic out there. a couple of homes had t to be megan gilliland is at the scene we will get an update in a few minute. first we wwll check in with meteorologist steve fertig and see what we can expect to gett3 started. >> in a related sense, it's very warr out there and dry out there. it's a fire hazard, if you're smokkng make sure you put out the cigarettee ut. it'' windier and ccnducive for ú%e possibility of wildfires. 69 degrees right now in baltimore, 70 degrees n washington d.c. and 52 in salisbury. bie55 in hagerstown.ú you see at the bus stop where you have a nice dry staat. 69 miles per hour, maryland it sounds like the radar doesn't look bad at all. here is weigh got, as we look at the bigger picture, a couple of
6:31 am
clouds out therr wwth temperatures that will be climbing to 88 degrees for the high. we will talk more about what you can expect aa far as the rest of the week in a little bit. right nnw lauren cooke has the traffic edge.3 lauren.3 >> rrporter: thank you,3 steve. if you're traveling on the west side of the beltway, you do want -o expect delays due to a crash along the outee loop. this is the approach at frederick roads. as we check in and take a look at rouue 40, there's the one lane at this time.s blocking you do expect delays if you're travellng along the outer loop at 795, if you're traveling the tunnels frommthe fort mchenry tunnel toll to the beltway you're looking at an 88minute trrp with an averageespeed of 55 mills per hour. from the har dor harbor tunnel a average speeddof 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you.
6:32 am
we re ffllowing breaking -ews out of northwest baltimore this morning. a two-alarm fire rips through a vacant house leading to evacuation of a nearby nursing homm. mmganngilliland is along liberty heights avenue allng with who else was a affected by the fire, good morning megan. >> rrporter: good morning, patrice. it's been three hours since the very active scene here thisa morning. you can see all of the fiiecrews behind me. we have been pushed back for our own safety but over the distance along treetops, you can see whereethe smoke s still pouring %-the 3600 block of hillsdalegú road. the flames broke out at 3:300this morning when crews arrived, it was very intense, heavy smoke, heevy fire, backup crews were caaled in eventually that fire did spread to hooes on either side of that vacant building. evacuate one man from the house righh next door. the othhr side is a senior cenner and staff members there
6:33 am
had to evacuate four residents. heavy smoke that caused fires for a senior center that was next door to that facility wassevacuated as well. those occupies, neither suffered any injury and they were trance for thefor-- ttansported to anor facility. %-there's a number of hotspots. you can see the rews lining the -oads along hillsdale road. this section is still shutdown the good news is for the morning commuters is li libbrty heeghts avenue is ooen to both lanes there. %-the fire is still nder caused invessigation. >> we see the crews still out ú%ere, what is going on there now. >> reporter: they're putting out the hotspotssin that vacant buuldinn. everything is safe before they leave the scene. >> megan gilliland reporting
6:34 am
live in northwest, thank you. ssudentssthe university of maryland are high alert this morning after a string of attacks near campus. an emergency crime alert has been issued. there's been several attacks on students in recent weeks.3 in each case, the victtms have been grabbed, beaten and then3 robbed. the most recent case happened this past weekend. police say a student was walking along on hardwood road near clinton avenue at 2:00 sunday morning when a group of 4 suspects tackled him, beat him and robbed him. knenow others on campus are word that they could be next. >> where we walk over there. >> a lottof timee you don't thiik it could happee to you, but you can. it could be yoor friend or your neeghbor, especially if you're it's definitely scaree >> reporter: on auuust 27,,3 three students were assaulted and robbed getting into a car at the collarrion inn park lot. and on august 22th, thhee morr students were aasaulted by
6:35 am
five suspects at a bus stop outside of the university club apartments..3 two of those students were able to run away, bbt the rd was grabbed, assaulled and robbed. so far no word on any suspects. marylaaders who want to vote by absentee ballot only have a few hours left to request their applicatiin. a local board of eleccions must reccive a signed and completed applicatiin today. the deadline is 8:00 tonight for those people mmking the request by mail. anyone ho wants to go through ú%ction or e-mail has until 11:59 this evening. after toddy, ppople will have to fill out late apppications and3 their requests must be made in person. you can get all of the latest information in nexttweek's primary and the novvmber electton from fox 45.ú just go to and click on the vote 2010 icon.
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summer fun.imming isn't just for it's the way to deal with east to tell us how aqua therapy is the answer o some of their therapy. >> reporter: when theyy3 started a year ago two people were doing it and now it's packed. it's working out well and for the pee people who are doing it. patricia is working with dave. what do you notice with dave. >> dave has been working with me for a year and a half. i noticed that he has lost some weight and i know his doctor is verr happy because his blood3 pressure has gone down significantly and they have decreased his medication. >> reporter: there's: ic diseases that this could help with tell me about those.3 >> absolutely. we partner with mercy to do a -imlymphodema program. primarily we work with breast
6:37 am
they might get swelling in the limbs. >> reporter: i want to gee to dave. when you first started this, did you think, i'm in the water, what is this thing? going to work.iik anything was i was skeptical. i wanted to get out onnland and i thought i would give it a try. >> reporter: how did it urn out for you? has it worked for you. do you have some puff in there? >> you do. you don't realize you're sweating until you et out of pool and you''e sweating in your clothes after you leave thh gym. it's a tough wookouu. >> reporter: he is a testament. he has lost 30 ppunds and his %-a lot of people agree and it's starting to et more pop a popu, better on the joints and still getting a workout. >> ll right, joel, thank you very much. firefighters are adding up ú%eir change this orning after campaign.up their fill the boot firefighters spent the day in3 whitemarsh makinn a last push t3 raise money for jerry's kids.
6:38 am
the money raised goes to the muscular dystrophh association, specifically to help the kids >> eeeryone greets us warmly with a smile and a thanks for doing what you're doing ouu there. >> last year the city and county fire department raised $188,000. anddyour contributions along with those prosecute other make this year's jerry lewis mda telethon a big success. >> go, go! >> yess yes! >> woo-hoo! people in the baltimore region helped to raiie more than a million dollars for jerry's kkds over the holiday. nationally the telethon brooght in $59 million. $60 million that americans donated last yyar. the record is $65 million n contributions that were made in 2008. lewis says he is impressee byú the nation's aaility to give even when people are struggling
6:39 am
financially. do you think your kid has what he has to do steve's job. how thee can be a meteorologist for a day. and an accident is disclosed to the west side of the way,
6:40 am
6:41 am
ú it is 6:41 on this tuesday morning. we're lookkng at a nice dry ssan on the sky hd radar. 69 degrees is where we start today in baltiiore. -emperature wise on the mild side. 70 degreee in d.c., 52 a bit cooler in salisbury. and the dew point is going to %-you may see more humidity as e high pressure slides to thh east. we will get plenty of sunshine and the southerry plow bringing us the warmer temperatures as we move through the day. the warmer temperatures will be with us for one more day before cooler air moves behind the that front may trigger off a
6:42 am
light shower to the north, nice front ahead of it, but not showing up on the future scan model. the dry conditionn will be replaced by more moisture creeping in as we get the remnants from herrine that will bb moving to the north and east and setting the stage for maybe -ate night showers, sattrday 62-mile-an-hour winds and it's 3 tropical storm and it's moving into texas as you can see. 52 miles nnrthwest of brownsville and even hal!! hallt will move to the northeast. it's becomiig more organiied as it moves into the antilles islands. to be a major factor right now. -outh winds at 10-15 miles per hour. it gets bbeezy as the high pressure slides out and the low pressure moves to the northwestú a little bit closer, though. the winds will pick up at
6:43 am
10-15 miles per hour forrthe central part of the state. plenty of shine, gusts 20 miles pee hour. it gets breezy later in the day thissafternoon and tomorrow afternoon as well. 88 degrees for the high in the get ppenty of sun and lesser of a wind. 82 degrees by noon as we warm things up byymornnng. ú%temperature comes at 4:00 and the 88-degree high todaa. 68 degrees the overnight low. after the 88-degree high today, 88 degrees for the high tomorroú and mostly sunny skies after maybe an early morning shower. otherwise 79 degrees on thursday, 79 on friday, ery pleasant day on saturday with a high of 81 degrees and 84, ú%rtly cloudy with a chance of a couple of howerr and even -hunder on ssnday, 83 mostly sunny on monday..3 kids are back in school and you know what thaatmeans. weather kii wednesday is back in sessionn if you would like your kid to be aapart of our weather kid wednesday program, just have a teacher or counselor senn their
6:44 am
nomination to 2000 west 41st street, baltimore 21221. or go to here is lauren with the traac dge lauren. >> reporter: we conttnue to follow a fire in northwest bbltimore. fortunately the inttrsection of hillsdale road has justú ú%-opened. megan gilliland is live at the scene and we will bring you an upddte in just a moment..3ú checcing and taking a live look at route 40. you will notice there's an accident aloog the outer loops. road. leading tt slow speeds. the beltway at parkville no problems to tell you about checking in and taking a live look at harford road. thing are up to speed, you're lookiig at an 1-minute ride, 83 will be clear. where you ill notice 80 is going to be wide opennif we can get that wide shot uu. you'reelooking at a 5-minute ride. and we will remain clear from
6:45 am
695 all the way doontown to east fayette street..3
6:46 am
6:47 am
three men were ssot and took themselves to the hospital and they are all expected to survvve
6:48 am
inside for many primariee thhs the firrt hurdle on the roaddto to gage what is on mind of voters. we are looking attsome of the sttte and theelocal races. good morning. >> good morning. >> there's seeeral key races to look out for in the rimaries which is just a week way. hard to believe thaa it came up so fast. joe barton felder, and kevin ú%menetz..33 talk about that. >> reporter: kammnetz has more money. if a race the more money the better. but i think that barton felder may help him win because of the effect that he is addressing th3 camera. %-people speaking on behalf ofr3 thehim. they want somebody to eyeball3 them and eyeball them on >> how close are the strategies approach that position being the
6:49 am
county exeective. >> it's give to find diffeeent issues on ttem. it all ccmes down to the word, personality.3 who do you have the comfort level with, the regular joe or the guy kevin kaaenett. >> the city state attornny position that has been hugely watched in the last few months, ppatricia jessamy and bernstein. >> where does that race lie right now. >> the patricia jessamy had a to loan her campaign $100,000 to get a television advertising by3 where bbensteen has raised a bundle offmoney. of ddmographhcs and how peopleot feel. %-african person population. so i think gregg personstei grey
6:50 am
have an edge at the end. >> hhw likely is it hht we may a lot of people are thinking %-thii is going to pull >> reporter: voters along allú different lines democrats and people in power and they want to send a message. there's more passion for bernstein that thhre really is ú%o patricia jessamy. if i had to met, i would bet on bernstein. the governor's race,er like is3 goinehrlich isgoing against bri. hhs name is out there more. he is trying to come on strong. what impact is he going to have in this race..3 p> i think that he s someone who vvters can go to in the rrpublican party who do not feel that bob ehrllch is conservative enough. they could send him a messsge..3 people that are nhappy in ú%neral and feel aa that ehrlh %-years of four
6:51 am
>> how will that impact ehrlich when he has to go up against owe will those numbers and what was -e able to do in the polls in the prrmary impact the final race. >> i think most people will end up voting for bob ehrlichhfor gooernor.%for both of these menh and we mall will hh they need to -- o'malley they need to get will bb looked as a weakness.t are voters going to get out to the polls. is it important enough and re %-i mean we always talk abootut. voter turn out. >> reporterr i think had is a very interesting dynamic bbcause -n uncontested primaries, you don't have a someone who isn't a baltimore ity it may increase 3 little bit more. even in baltimore city a 3rd of a turn out is considered very %-i think turn out is going to matterr and thattsignaled that she was a
6:52 am
weak candidate runninggfor governor. >> i hhve a llt to watch between now and nextttuesday. >> thank you so much. you can get aal the latest information on next week's primaries and the nooember elections, just go to aad click on the vote 2010 icon. news for continuing coverage ofg gregg bernstein, the candidate foo city state attorney will join us live instudio to talk ú%at is coming up in the 7:00 hour. in the 7:00 hour, a $50 billion investment, what president owe bam wants to do oh all of that money. fur, ss does your house. fur, ss does your house. we put the most my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy.
6:53 am
that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
6:54 am
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to control.omer hris it b chria ú%t hair comes with the territory. around. -> reporter: the pledged fabrii sweeeer claims it lean up pet hair. the owwer tony detrick wanted to see it in action. >> we have three pets,,two cats and precious and rexon and tte cats like to hang on.
6:56 am
>> reporter: he compared the3 pledge fabric sweeper to three productt, the regular lint and the scotch hair remover. all of the scotch products did remmve hair but it waa teeious. the sheets could quickly fill up. the pledge fabric sweeper was easier to use. >> the fabric sweeppr have two rollers thaa work together to mooe the hair into thh compartment. >> reporter: cleaning up the hairy mess on this bench was a a chore. when there's a lot of hair, you may have to stoppand remove it, but it's easy to doo on the whole, consumer repprt says the pledge fabric sweeper cleanse up pet hair quickly and easily. thattwill give yyu more time to spend with your furry friend. this is james andrews. coming up in our 7:00 hour,
6:57 am
the primaries are still a week away, but marylanders are already voting. how much money early voting it costing the state and whether or not lawmakers think t's worthú it. and crews are still on the scene of an early morning house -ire here in northwest baltimore. i'm megan gilllland.3 the condition of the five people eeacuated straight ahead. i'm joel d smith live in harbor east where the best way to deal wwth chronic disease tt get in the water. straight ahead we will telllyou how
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
knonow on fox 45 morning ne. >> i got an emergency alert on >> at text at college paak, what students are being told to do to stay safe. the pry playe primary is ju3 away. the city tate attorney challenger weighs in on the race live instudio. helping jerry's kids, how much money, bat more and the nation raised during the labor day telethon. good morning.3 it's tuesday, september 7th. i'm patriceearris.
7:01 am
harris. a cool start to tte morning but it follows a nice day yesterday. meteorologist steve ferrig is here to tell us if we can expect more of the weather we have bee3 >> more sunshine and the temperatures are a bit warmer but a lot warmer.3 the temperatures will climb a little bit. %-we're headee.úhere is where 66 degrees at the bus top with clear skies, southwest wind at 5 miles per hour, 64 sat salisbury. oakland and clear skies ann sky watch hd radar, most the rain stays well to the north today. there's a chance of light shower to the northern part of the sttte later tonight as which get a couple of ripples of energy pushing through. ú% degrees by noon, warminggup quickly getting to a high of -8 degrees by about 4:00 this afternoon,,86 at 6:00 p.m. can expect, because there's in changes, by little bit later midweek into late week as far as %-i will have that in a feeú
7:02 am
minutes. right knew lauren cooke has a look at the traffic edge. >> reporter: we have a trouble llading with the new accident along the southbound lanes of mountain road. as we check in and take a live looo at 15, t going to be blocking one lane at this ime. weeexpect slow speeds in the area. unfortunately they will continue from whitemarsh to the beltway yyu're looking at a 6-minute trip with an average trip of from 95 to 83, an 11-minute ride, with an average speed of 48 miles per hour.3 it will be heavy on the west side of the beltway due to an3 accident along theeouter loop lanes at route 40. you're lookth a lengthy 30-minute ride with an average sppeddof 600miles per hour of the that's the traffic edgeú report. patrice, back to you. p>> we are following a developing storr ouu of northwest baltimore this morning. a two-alarm fire ripped through a vacant hoose leadinn to the
7:03 am
evvcuation of a nearby nursing home. megan gilliland is live along liberty heights avenue with more on what exaatly hhppened this morning and what the scene looks like right now. ing good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. it's been 3 1/2 hours since the flames brrke out. you can see crews behind e still on the scene behind the %-thiigs up.ú working to wrap we are told that the hotspots arr almost completely gone for the first time. there's no longgr smoke pouring from the rooftop. there was a scene just five minutes ago.ú they're starting to wrap up at tonight in, a much differeet scene earlier his morning..3 the flames broke out around 3:300at the thick hundred block of hill hillsdale inside of a vt home. when crews arrived, there was so much smoke thattthey quickly callld for bbckuu. those flames spread o the vacant building. firefighters evacuated one man from the house next oor and on the other side therees a seniorú
7:04 am
center. four people haa t to be evacuatd from there. >> the smoke caused problem for a senior center hat was next door to that facility was evacuates as well. the occupants neither suffered3 any injuries and they were tranceporred to another fa till facility. >> the damage estimates haven't in just yet,,but we have seen thh side of these buildings which are both vinyll fire damage on that sidd. as far as smoke damage that has yet to be evaluated and the cause is still under investigation. ú%r morning commuters, though, good news for you li libbrty heights venue, back open. aad hillsdale avenuu you will be dealing with traffic issues there. patrice, backkto you. we were taking a closer look at the scene and we saw people -aaking around there. are those other neighbors who or what. road here. weehaven't talked to any neighbors at this point. this section.owed to go behind
7:05 am
hopefully laterron as this continues to wrap up, we canú make our way in closer. >> as you caa imagine the fire next door is going to bring the neighbors out to see what is going on, make sense. police arrest three suspects after a sttbbing near penn station. it happened att3:30 yesterday afternoon at st. paul street. officers say a 37 years old man was walking in the area when three juveniles attacked him and tried o rob him. ú%nonlife-threatening injuuies. this incident comes over a month since the death of john hopkins researcher stephen pitcairn. hh was fatally stabbed in an attempped robbery while walling home from penn station. string attacks at the uuiversiiy of maryland campus. there's been three attacks too3 students in the recent weeks. in each caseethe victims have been grabbed, beaten and robbed. the most recent cased haapened this weekend. - student was walking on har
7:06 am
wick road near princeeon avenue at 2:00 in the morning wwhn aa3 group of ffur suspects, tackled him, beat him and robbed him. ú% ♪33 the democratic candiiatee for baltimore county executivee3 are trying to get tte public's attention through the media. those ads don't come cheap of the the most recenn campaign finance report shows kevin kamenetz has spent $900,000. %-barton felde felder spent kamn campaign signs and brochures. his total so far comes to $175,000 whereaa kamenetz has put out just $33,000. the republican candidate in this race is running unopposed..3 the primary is just a week away on september 14th. stay tuned for fox 45 morninn for continuing coverage of the primary races.
7:07 am
we will have gregg berrstein, a candidate for thh city's state attorney in to talk about his campaign. that is oming up in a few minutes. swim away the pain. treating painful chronic diseases can include taking dozens of pills and countless hours at the doctor's offices. now there's hope for newú swim their wayyto relief. we are with a closer look than aqua therapy and swimming sounds better than a lottof pills. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good mooning, patrice, and good morning everrbody..3 if you're thinking about a gameeand you can't get on those machines and realll push it hard. aaparently you can push it hard what is the deal with the resistance? iiguess, you're in the water, right. >> you're in water, resistance is with every move you in the there's a resistance. by accep!!bicep you maya
7:08 am
and every ove has resistanceú and we have toys. these are toys and we can fill the bar with it with water. we can determine how much resistance we have our members >> reporter: it's getting possible ular. popular. >> we have one rom 3 to 4 a week to 80 and 100 a week. >> reporter: people with chronic diseasesswho haddnowhere to go are using aquatic therapy and t's helping them out. joel d smith,,fox 45 morningg3 news. the ravens add anothee wide receiver to their roster. yesterday he signed a one year deal with the teem. theeseattle eahawks last week. he played for them for just one year. ravens fans will likkly remember him from the years in cincinnati where he spent his first season.
7:09 am
that briigs uu to the question of the daa. is husmansada the final piece of team?er bowl winning ravens %-tths hour.3your calls later what you thinn. sound off at facebook or send us a tweet at fox baltimore oo text for yes and fox 45b for no. president
7:10 am
and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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ú%> don't let it creep you out,3 but tiny little creatures are crawling all around. that's becaase it's bug fest this weekend. your kids can get up close andd3 personal with bugs.
7:12 am
meteorologist emily gracie is liveewith all of the details. we are trying to get up close and personal with the bugs, hi,3 emily. hi, patrice. it's only so close i will get to theseebugs. there's a lot of insects but bug fest is a way to get up close and personal with them. it's a safeway to do it. i'm here with lloyd tidings. i'm holding a koch roach and hol me how folks can get one of these. >> they can only get a cockroach per kii. cockroachee areeone of the eesiest of the insects to take care of and they ive 2 to 3 >> reporter: show me what we're looking at here. -hhs is a very interesting inssct. centipede. thhs is a laagee one, theyycan ú%t up to a foot long. they will feed on other large inseccs, taan tell ars and score
7:13 am
scorpions in the desert. >> reporter:: i will step away ffom that. the bug fest is at the carey murray center. it's rain or shine event. the even though it's rain or shine, it looks like it will be shine this weekend. plenty of suushine on saturday. 88 degrees, a gorgeous dayyto ú%me out and enjoo bug fest but sseve, a little cool outside. named any of yourrfriends therr. >> named this male cockroach is steve. of ttem spoo because that is what they would like leek underk like under my shoe. i'm not friend of bugs. that's a huge globe that orange thing that we call the sun,
7:14 am
plenty of it today. climb to 88 degrees is whatures we're thinking for the high teeperature. baltimore. people here are trying tt get tú name the big globe in the sky. 65 degrees in baltimore, 69 in washington d.c. ask 64 degrees in salisbury. 64 in hagerstown. and here is what we're looking at, high pressure moving off to3 the east. it's oing to briig us, plenny of that, look at that right on quae, plenty of sunnhine today is warrer temperatures as we get the warmer air from the south movinggin, too. we get the sunshine and southerly flow adding tt the temperatures in the upper 80s today. showers o the west, a ccuple of across the northern part of the state laae tonight into the early morring hours tomorrow. if we get anything, it would be rather light indeedd otherwise the front pushes through by later tomorroo. behhnd it, by thursdaa we get cooler air in here.ú the low high pressure center.een hermineeis the tropical storm moving into texas and let's take
7:15 am
a looo at hermine which 52 mills an hour winds as it moves 82 miles from the northwest of northwest at about 500miles an hour. it will start tt circulate back -n terms of bringing the moisture our wayy it cculd bring us showerrchance3 by late saturday nto sunday, more likely if we see it at all. -ven they 30 to 44% chance of %-apart.while gaston s falling take a look and there he is. 29--ile-an-hour wind, poor gaston, it looks like he may not be gaston oo much longer. take a look at what we expect for the hhgh, eastern shore kay degrees with a lost sunshine, central part of the state, a llttle bit breezy this afternoon, and gusts up to 20 miles per hour, buu generally %-888 egrees, more ssn.table back to the west about the same. hour with a lot of sunshine to you as well. at noon we get 82 degrees, 86 on at abbut 6:00 with plenty
7:16 am
of sun throughout the ay and 88 the high temperatuue comes at 4:00 this afternoon. abbut 68 for the overniggt low. main dlee cleamainly clear skie. and overnight, as we do see the outside chance of a showwr to the north in spots. yen degrees in spots. cooler air moves in on thurssay behind the cold front. 79 for thursday and the same for friday and 81 on aturday. theebetter chance of showers and even then a 0 to 40% channe on sunday, 84 degrees for the high. 83, mootly sunny for your monday. what happening n the roadways right now. i was just woodering? lauren cooke is hhre with the answer. >> reporter: we do have two accidents on 95, trouble in aane arundel ccunty where this one crash along thh northbound lanes at route 175, and another as we makeeour way into harforr couuty along the southbound lanes at mountain road. as we take a live look at the scene, you will nottcc it's bbocking two lanes at this timeú and you do wann to delays at 24.
7:17 am
no problemm too tell you about the parkville area. harford road, you can see, slowing down as you make your way to towson.3 not anywhere s heavv as ou are traveling on theewest side f the beltway. checking in and taking a live look at liberty road. to be slow. allldue to a crash at rruue 40. do expect a heavy ride traveling heaviiy in that area. we are still dealing withhaous a houseefire in northwest baltimooe at liberty heighhs avenue %3
7:18 am
7:19 am
new this morning, the woman accused of setting aablaze that hurt a baltimore firefightee is headed to trial. 20 years old britney gassia is s facing charges. jeff novak suffered seveee bbrns in thattbbaze. garcia could spend up to 30 yeers in jail if convicted. ú%> here's a motion hearing set in theecase avenue of a high sr accused of having sex with a student. police say he had sex with a
7:20 am
17-year-old female sttddnt inside of a high sshool loset3 after school on two separate occasions. resident obama has a a few econooic prrposals to boost thh economy, saying that the america must have the best in the world %-he is also preparing to introduce a new $200 billion taú cut forrbusinnsses tomorrow.ú sandra endo joins us live from washington to talkkabout the plan and what it could mean for the midterm elections. >> rrporter: good morning, patrice. it has everything to do with the midterm elections because president obama is making a tough sell to vooers trying to offering real solutions. polls show an economic turn around is what voters care abouú most. in the mmlwaukee, onday, this was the president's message to %->> reporter: presidenttobamae
7:21 am
just a message. monday it was a $50 billion investment. wednesday he is set to announce a $2 billion tax cut or buuinesses during another economic speech in ohio. the proppssl would help %-from now until tte end of next yyar. that is atop of a proposed ú%rmanent extension of a -100 million tax credit for business research and development. minority leaders have responded by aaguing the democrats need to end their spending spree. the president contends, the problem is on the other side. >> almost every republican in congress says no. even on things we usuallyyagree on, they say nooú >> reporter: booh sides ae using tte economy to try to gain ggound headed into november. >> the bottom line here is whose side it turnn out.
7:22 am
thooe are very unpopular and of >> reporrer: altogetherrthe president's new economic proposals total nearly half ofú the $887 billion package that was passed when he first came into office. it's likely that congress will struggle to pass this nnw package when it returns from recess. live in washinnton, sandra endo, back to you. there's this flurry of proposals goinggon this week. is some looking at this last minute attempt at turning around to the polls in november.e togo >> reporterr i mean, it'' a real issse. a lot of americans are struggling. it'' definitely issue number one forramericaa voters. the president is trying to address real problems out there, but f course, now, in the landscape of this tough -olitical season, with the midterm elections coming up, both parties are trying to use the economy as theer number one
7:23 am
agenda, which ssde has the solution, that is what they're trying to sell to voterss >> and which side has thh upper we will see wwen it comes down to the polls. thanks, sandra. comiig up later on fox 45 morning news, a two-alarm fire in noothwest baltimorr. where it spread and how manyú people were affected. ext he is hoping for for people will vote for change in northwest balt
7:24 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
7:25 am
7:26 am
i wouud like to say it's a sprint not a marathon since we announced our run ii july. >> it's one week before voters will get tteir say, how do you feel about the message that you''e been able to puttoutú there nd how it's bben received. >> we feel great and primarrly bbcause we spent a lot of time out in the city in different neighborhoods. last weekend we were at poplar grove. nootheast and everywhere we get, people seem to be getting our messsge. ú%ey don't ffel safer now than they did 5 years ago. theyy ant somebody else to have - shot at this. >> you mentioned the perkins home large affican-american population and there were eople saying ttht patricii jessamy being an african-americcn.
7:27 am
do you feel that youure up issue? >> i don't and i haven't from the beginning. black people and white people, all want the same thinn. thee waat tt be save in their homes. they want efficient prosecution. thht is how i feel when i talk to peopleein neighborhoods all over the city. >> maybe you ave ttat -ntiincumbent senment onnjury side. ú% i think it's a state attorney race you need that public safety is such an important and singular issue that i think it transcends incumbency or race at the mmst. >> you want to stop crime on the streets but some people are seeeing changeebut ttey're worrieded about a heavy handed sweep through the city. how do yoo get rid of the %-everyone caught up in the system??3 >> we are said connistently since the campaign that ss not
7:28 am
our intention to lock everybodyú it'' about the focus and strategic on using our resources to go after thh most violent offenders. for the first time offenders, non-violent offenders, and juveniles offenders there's alternatives to encarceration and conviction. >> we will be talking to you. >> thanks, patrice. the ravens make a big addition to the their receiving force. the raven that is headed to balt. >> reporter: a house fire here in northwest baltimore. welcome back to fox 45
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
morning news. 7:31 ask th7:31 is the time. let's get a check of the our forecast. here with i some nice temperatures. ú%> a little more iew humid butr some that is not a problem. a liitle bit more humid as the temperatures climb further up 64 in hagerstown and the same for oakland of the 67 degrees at the bus stop on average with clear skies, south wind at 5-10, you can see the sky radar not lookiig bad at all which mainly clear skies throughout the whole state. a few cirrus clouds back to the west and showers stay well to the high. we talk about changes coming your way by later this week when temperatuues take a turn. i will let you know in what direction in a few hhns.
7:32 am
minutes.. right now lauren cooke has a look at the commute. >> reporter: we do have two accidents on 95, one in anne the another up in harrord county. as we checkkin and take a live look here, you will notice onee lane is still blocked at this time. it will e full you wil all thek to route 24. travelinggii the white match ú%ea frommloopptree at the beltway. you're look ago a!! looking at e trip fromm195 to 83, you're looking at a 14-minute ride with an average speed of 42 miles per hour. you want to watch out for a disabled car at the outer loop at liberty road. delays from 795 to 95, you're looking at a 26-mile ride there. the traffic edge report, patrice, back to you we are continuing to follow aadeveloping story out of
7:33 am
ú%rthwest baltimore this morning. a two-alarm fire rips through a evacuation of a nearby nursing home. megan gilliland isslive along liberty heights avenue with more on whht happened and what the scene looks like right now. good mooning, megan. >> reporter: gooddmorning, patrice. four hours since the flames ú%tually ignited and for the first time we are now seeing some progress here for much the morning. we were looking at %-buulding along the 3600 bllckf hillsdale road. that smooe has subsided and crews are working to make sure that the ffnal hotspotssare exfiextinguished. it happened at 3:30 this morning. when the crews arrived, the flaaes ere so intense and smoke so intense they quickly called for backkp. unfortunaaely that fire did spread to homes on either side3 of that vacant building. firefighters evacuated one man from the house next door and on
7:34 am
the other side, staff members ú%ddto evacuate four resideets from the senior center. senior ceeter that was was nextú ddor to that facility was evacuated as well. those occupants neither of them suffered any injuries and they were tranc transported to other facility. theefinal crews making sure that aa far as when the residents can return. we have not gotten the damage estimates juss yet.3 we know that there's smoke damage nside and on the add gaiienaddadjacent buildings. whether those people will eturn home or not wiil be determined later. megan, it's aing thattthey %-of the nursing home out of ouú there. i can't imagiie that would have been an easy thing as the fire is coming toward you. >> reeorter: certainly not. fortunately everyone is safe thhs morning. baltimoreecounty police
7:35 am
ú%oot aaman fter they say he lunged for an officer's gun during a fight. it happened yesterday at 8:00 in shhpping center in randallstown. police arrived at the shopping center after they got reports of a man acting erratically in the parking lot. when they tried it get out of3 the ar, police say the man attacked them. one of the officers used his car door to sea shield himself frome suspect, but the man kept coming reaching forrthe fficer's gun.. that is whee another officer openee fire. the suspecc was taken to ssock %-condition.critical but stable police are innestigating a string of vandalisms ttrgeting a candidate for baltimore council. someone cut holes in the middle of 10 political signs for sherri becker. becker is one of six candidates3 running for district tww. it happened in the rea yesterday morning. becker says each of those signs toft $150. signs belonging to another candidate were also damaged. p>> swimming isn't just for
7:36 am
summer ffn. it's the latest way to deal with year-round. joel d smith is live at harbor ú%st to show us how aqua therapy for some oo heir >> reporter: look for a different way to deal with all of that pain and work you the on -- working out in the machines hurts too much..3 a lot of people are doing. how many peoole did you think.33 >> 40 per week. >> reporter: it's eally3 -icked up in popullrity. what do you haae in your hands right now. >> we have toys thattwe use for boxing whiih just increasee the resistance. so people can have a little bit harder f a workout than if they were using their hands. >> reporter: we are talkkng about these guy earlier. he is sweating whileehe is in the water. water, every movement you make creates resistance which is a great alternative tt working out on land and you sweat a lot. >> reporter: give us an
7:37 am
ú-benefits from working out. >> fibromyalgia allowssthe system to calm down and the infllmmation on the joints it helps a lot..3 >> reporter: when you are talking about the water, you are thinking about swimming. you have an academy. how early can youustart the kids. >> they start at 6 months of age. they're in the water with their indeeendently iindependently int the parents. >> reporter: a lost things going on here. i got a 2 yearssold, patrice. i got to get im thii the water and teach him to swim instead of splashing..3 >> i saw your 2-yyar-old in at the fair. i'm ttying to maaine him in the water.3 he would probably enjoy it. >> reporter: they can teach them really young and the drowning numbers out here, it's important to teach them tooswim. >> it's amazing the infants aad the babies in water but if it helps them down the line, then
7:38 am
it's worth it. joel, hank you. the ravens add another vettran wide receiver to their roster. yesterday, houshmanddadah signed a one year deal with the team. heewas cut by the seattle seahawks last week.3 he played for them one year and had 911 yards and three scores. ravens fansswill remember hush ma!!houshmandzaddh rom his eer3 plays with cincinnati. that brings us to the question is houshmandzadah the final piece of a teaa? you can go to or send us a tweet or text at fox baltimore or text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45a for yes, or fox 45b for no. your contributions along with theseeof other viewers just
7:39 am
like you helped to make this year's mda telethon a big success. >> go! go! >> yes. >> people in the baltimore regiin helped raise more than a million dollars for jerry's kids over the labor day holiday nationally. the telethon brought in nearly $59 million. now that is slightly less than the $60 million americans donated last year, bbt loui!!!!s says he ssill impressed at tte nntion's ability to give even when ppople are struggling financially. >early voting is cootiig the %-we -- the state millions. we are lookknggat whether it's wort
7:40 am
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7:42 am
0 >>7:422on thii tuesday morning. morning.okkng at a dry scan this ww're headed intoothe upper 80s today aad a little bit warmer and we take a look at the current conditions as far as temperatures are concernedd you see where 69, in baltimore and d.c. 54 in salisbury and the same for hagerstown. oakland at 64 as well. high pressure is avenue t off tt today. that is what is going to bring a more southerly flow behind the high pressure. see the rain back to the west, it will dissipate in strength and it almost washes out before the front moves into tomorrow and inno your thursday. behind that front cooler conditions. it will be breezy later thii afterroon and tomorrow, tto. again, the cooler air is what will prevail. low pressure is the remnants of what is tropical storm hermine
7:43 am
till mmving into texas. general direccion by over saturday, and more so into sunday, a chance f a few showers around. it's not a whole lot of moistuue so we're not expecting heavy downpouus. saturday, into sunday. 52 degrees is where the hermine stands right now. it's moving toward brownsville ttxas aa it moves further points west. gaston near the antilles islands. not much oo a factor. it's losing much of its definition. it's not looking like it's oing to be a threat to the most u.s. areas. gaston, by watt i we do want to watch it, because it can change in strength. right now all we're concerned about, if you want to be lot of sunshine, sp f-15 mayye higher. and the central part of the it takes time to 88 degrees for a high. wind at 5-10 miles per and back to the west 88 degrees
7:44 am
for high and a lot of sunshine,3 and a ittle more humid with the southerly flow bringing more %-82 degrees for the non-time temperature and 86 after getting to the high at 4:00 this afternoon. 68 the overnight low unddr clear skies. then it becomes partly cloudy. lee's sum it up as mainny clear tonight before it turns more cloudy overnight. we clear out again with more sunshine. 79 degrees for thursday and friday, ppeasant day for the workday. and 89 for saturday and lateú nnght saturday into sunday, tha3 outside chances, juss an outsidd chance of showers for sunday. 83 and mootly sunny orrmonday. what is happening on the roadways as you head oot there? edge witt lauren cooke. -e do have a new accident in baltimore county, it's right at dundaal at holy fer avenue.
7:45 am
if you're traveling the beltway it doesn'ttget any better. taking liie lookkat harford road. it should be a slow ride as you make the trip to towson. if you are travellng the west ssde, a disabled caa at liberty road. now you can see a lot of congestion. to 95.l be a slow ride from 795 we do have an accident thaa you want to watch out for oo the westbound lanes at rolling road. we're still dealing with a fire. megan gilliland is reporting live from the cene all morning. the intersection at hilddle avenue has re-opened. that's the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you. still ahead, the ravens maa3 another ddition, receiver hush man sahoushmandzadah is joininge
7:46 am
purple and black. we want to know what you think. -s houshmandzadah the final piec
7:47 am
my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
7:48 am
>>yesterday the ravens agreed to a 1 year deal with receiver houshmandzadah. it incluues antoine bolder and derrick mason. that brings us to the question of the daayis houshmandzadah the final piece of a super bowl winning team. the first caller is mark. >> good morning, mark. >> what dd you think of the prospects of this year. >> i'm wooried about the secondary defense. >> a lot of people are saying we should spend some money on the -econdary and not so much where
7:49 am
we did. >> i'm worried of them not having muuh experience back there. %-okay, mark.u on the good, >> all right.ú >> hanks, ryan in baltimore is on the line. good morning, ryan. >> good morning, patrice. >> what do you think, is this super bowl, what is the deal? >> it's not the final piece. he is a grrat addition, but we need -- we play and they're going to,. great addition but we areg t'sa thinkkng hat that money should have been ssent where eese. do we need him and somebody else.ú >> what weewanted to do is trademark, and the denver broncos to get pat. the denver broncos is liggt on receivers. i think that would be a better
7:50 am
trade. >> ryan, we will have to ee what happens. we will have to keep ouu fingers crossed okay? >> letts take a look at our facebook page. it appears that way. said, wrl, go ravens! >> stacey says, yes, plain and simple. and aaron said ittlooked so good on paper, but you still have to plly 15-20 ames to holdup thh trophy. i say here we go again, super bowl, i'm with them all the way3 so far 900 of you say kay, %-piece of a super bowl winning team. 10% says no. hopefully the 90% is rightt kanye west ssent several hourr this weekend updating his twitter account. the celebrity he wasstalking about aad the troubled history ú%ee share. gettinn to the pplls, a look aheed of droiiiid.
7:51 am
7:52 am
what this droid does will change how you do web connections. this creates a mobile 3g hotspot, powerful enough to fuel multiple devices at will. putting you at the center of your own world wide web. introducing the new droid x. the next generation of does.
7:53 am
the polls are open and for the very first time in maryyand's history voters are casting their ballots well before theetraaitional election day. while the goal is to encourage citizens to get ut and vvte, the extra days are costing state millions of dollars. so is it wooth ii? democrat delegate shawn and delegate pat mcdonoughhjoin us this morning. do you think ww can afford it saying it's millions of dollars. anytime you get an opportunity to be able to vote in person and peopll who have limited scheddles as ar as voting n them just that more of an opportunity to get out there and be able to vote and secure their
7:54 am
vote. it's a great idea and we can afford to do it to protect those votes, yes.ú >> delegate mcdonough yoor thoughts on the spending of this and the timing of it? >> first of all, the voters had deciied they wanted to do this, it was on rrferenduumand i respect what the voters want to do. i had some misgifgz abou misbeg. >> the vote is the most important ift that citizenship provides us, i'm concerned about the corruption and this technically oppns up a wider opportunity becauseepeople are voting all over the ssate. it's convenient, it does provide the opportunity for people to vote, erhaas more. wweee they have done it before, though, the number of people votinnghas not increased. so i don't knowwif that is going to happen in maryland at this ú%int. so, okay, we will give it a try and see how it goes why do you thhnk this year,,ddlegate mcdo mcdonough this is the year ú%will work?tryiig this ann it
7:55 am
>> it has not generated mmre generated more ccnvince for people. in my area everything is moving3 i have been out at the early voting looations at my istrict. there's not been any problems. it's running smoothy. i cannot speak for thh est oo3 the day. as i said, the voters decided they wanted o do this, we will see how it works.ú -ork in maryland? >> i think it will work in maryland. -o far we have 2,000, in the 40th district where i represent. however, it's only the second day. -e got more days left up until %-i beliive it's going to work. we will be very happp to know when we look at the numberr at the end that we show an increase in voting. so far when we have been out there at the polls, peoppe have this is fantastic that i can come out and vote innperson. i think it's going to work.
7:56 am
>> has it been a big problem. are we not getting the voter turn out that. >> 30 pluu states is offering early votinn along with maryland. we're not breaking new ground when it comes to comparison to the other states. we need it, the voters want it had. over 40% of the peopll aid do you want early voting. let's see if we can innrease our numbers by allowing people to have extra time. >> do you think that we will continue to do this, if we do of it? >> the price ii going to come down in the future a little bit. if it works, and it ffnctions and people liie this, that's we extend this envelope on how people can vote. in wassington d.c. they have vote ore demand. you an registerrto vote that day ann go in and vote and i think that is a step too far. >> delegate, thaak you for
7:57 am
7:58 am
my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices you'll love. this week, enjoy whole seedless watermelon, $3.88 each,
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and select summer fruits, 2 for $4. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card. > attacks at college park. what students are being told to dooto stay safe. the person is paying the bill should be the one getting alert. >> paying for your teens tt text overseas. how many thousands of dollars one mom was charged. go, go ♪ n. >> yes, helping jerry's kids. %-nation raised during theelabor
8:00 am
good morning, it's tuesday, i'm patrice harrii. let'' get right overrto meteorologist stove fier tig and >> temperaturee climbing more than yesterday. yesterday in the lower 40s, today in the up 80s, today is the start -- 60 is he starting a little mmre uniform across the board. 69 at hagerstown. 66 at the bus stop forecast this morning on average and really looking at generalll clear skies throughout he day. through.3h clouds ppshing north, and then it's a light shower at work maybe the northern part of the state for overnight tonight into your wednesday. otherwise, 88 degrees should do it. enjoy the day and very summer-like indeed. ú%t's seeewhat is happening on the roadways with lauren cooke. >> reporter: thank yyu, steve. it's not looking so pretty on
8:01 am
95. we're deeling with a new accident on the southbound lanes at caton avenue. you do expeet delays if you're traveling in the area. dealing with a disabled car on the outer loop. you will notice quite a bit of congestion ttavelinggon the inner and outer loop lanes.ú if you're traveling from 799 to 95, you're looking the aa3 19-minute drive with an average speed of 42 miles per hour. it will remain heavy from 95 to 83. that will get ou 211minutes and there we're looking at an average spped of 48 miles per hour. -he earlier crash on mountain road, on route 43 to the beltway, 7-minute trip with an hour. a lot of congestion out thhre. treats the traffic edge report. patrice, back to you.ú a devvloping story out of nnrttwest baltimore this morning. a two-alarm fire ripped through a vacant house leading to the evacuation of a nearby nursing home.
8:02 am
megan gilliland is along liberty else that fire displaced. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. just minutes ago the final firecrews actually leff the scene deeming this area safe and allowing us to move ccoser and tell us what has happened hhreafter this early morring fire. take a look at this em. not much left, justly charred on the second floor. this home fortunately is a -acant home. ú%body was inside at the time when the flames broke out. it happened around 3:30 this morning. unfortunately the home, the flames did spread to the homes next door..3 the home right next to it, one person was evacuated and on the3 other side four people inside of the senior citizens home were evacuated. >> the smoke that caused problems for a senior center3 that was next door to that facility was evacuated aa well. those ccupants, neether suffered any injuriee and they
8:03 am
were transported to nother facility. >> we know there's smoke damagg and all three of these homes. how exttnsive it is, we will find out when crews come back to investigate and determineewhat exactly might have aused this early this morning. patrice, back to you. all right, megan. any idea whether or not those people that were in the nursing home will be able to go back home later today or was their >> reporter: their home but it's hard to tell how much3 smoke damage might have been. the people from the senior nursing home have been placed in other acility. olice arrest three suspects station. it happened at st. paul streett a 37 years old man was walking3 in the area when three juveniles attacked him and tried to rob him. ú%e man wws takkn to the hospital with non-3 nonlife-threatening injuries. this comes a month after the
8:04 am
death of john hopkins reseerch are 17 by karen. 17 pitcairn, he was stabbed. there have been three attacks on stuuents in recent weeks ennellp etch n each case e victims are been grabbed, beaten and robbed.3 past weekknd.nt happeneddthe a stu student was walking on had %-when a group of four suspects attacked, beat him and robbed hii.3ú trippe shooting in west baltimore. it happened last night in la fayeete avenue. three men were shot and went to the hospital. they are all expected to survive marylanders wwo want to ote by absentee baalot only have a few hours left to request their
8:05 am
applicattons. a local board of elections must receive a signed and completed application today.3 the deadline is 8:00 tonight for those people making their anyone who wants to go through fax or e-mail as until 11:59 this evening. affer today peopll will have tt fill out late applications and their requests must be mmde in person. you can get all the latest information on the primaries an3 the november elections from fox 45. just go to and3 swim away the pain. treattng painful chronic %-dozens of pills and countless hours at the doctor's office. now there's new ope for some patients who want to swim their way to relief. joel d smith is live at harbor east with a look at aqua therapy. >> reporter: a loo of doctorr are sending their patiints to places like thhs to wwrk in the
8:06 am
water. one of the trainers here s pretty bbsy nowadays. >> well, i went from 2 cllents per day o aving full 10 hour days. >> reporter: tell us what you're doing righttnow. is this for beginningers and how much resistance is in there. >> this is the liiht resistance3 and i'm working the muscles hat help you toe stay upright. strong. >> reporter: help the back and thh nees ann something else that it might help. >> it helps with swelling. it helps with any chronic muscle pain because the hydrostatic pressure of water. >> repooter: it all seems %-can you build it up and to the ú%int where there's good resistance. trainers we use these. these pull hard and it really ú%rks hard. come in slow ann pull hard and come slow. >> reporter:: hat is going on and really the amount of people doinn this is rocking it up latell. it's better for the joints but
8:07 am
you can sttll get a good workout. weetalked to this guy earliee. he was weating doing this. it's definitely happening and a lot more people doing it. joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. your drixes alon contributig with other viewers just like you, helped make this year'ss3 jerry lewis mda telethon a big success n yes, yes! >> people ii the baatimore region helped to raise ore than $1 million for jerryys kids over the labor day holiday. nationally the telethon brought in nearly $59 million. now that is slightly less than the $60 milliin americans donated last year and the record that was made in 2008. lewis says he is impressed by -he nation's ability to giveú even when people are struggling financial. it's a vacation nightmare coming home to an expensive sell bill.
8:08 am
we're not talking about a few extra dollars. when ccndy heard they were on vaaation in israel. they spent plenty of time to text e-mails, and updaae facebook. how mucc was the bill when they more than $9,500. she expected the bill to be a little higher than usual, but had no idea hhw much. the company never told her she was being charged extra, because those alertt were being sent to her kids phones and not hers. >> e were being charged by for rraming. >> the erson paying the bill %-alert. be the person getting >> verizon wireless has agreed to take $4,000 off the and3 suggests you find out the international rate before you travel. coming up, some not so charminn characters are invading charm city.
8:09 am
wwe superssar takes us inside the f
8:10 am
8:11 am
don't let it bug ou, but your kids can get up close and personal with somm creepy crawwies this weekend. it's all happening at buggest if. meteorologist emily gracie is ú%ve with the de tails of this morning's hometown hot spot. >> i have bugs to donate to this. i have stink bugs near my house, i want tooget rid of them. >> we're talking about monarch butter nice right now. there's nnthing creepy about them. i think they're absolutely gorgeous. >> and these monarch butterflies, you raised. we saw them hatched and tell me what is next for these
8:12 am
butterflies. >> would weeks ag!!two weeks agt tecaterpillars and last week thy were -- and thee hatched overnight.ú right now they will bring some nectar from the plants and they're on their way down to costa rica..3 >> she wants to know if she gives a stink bug, are they >> yes. they stinkklike a skunk.ú >> and the monarch utterflies. there's plenty of mmre, the tarantula i will stay away. you i will stay around the monarch butterflies. go to our website at and a gorgeous weekend in store for us. a little warmer over the next couple of days, only 81 degrees byysaturday. low humidity a lot of sunshine inside and out here at the both center. come out here and enjoy it. steve, how about those butterflies.
8:13 am
they have stained glass type window wings. >> they were calling them 98 nae oo ornament. a nice descry sca!! dry scant t this time. 70 degrees in baltimore, 71 in ind.c. and temperatures warming up nniely. hagerstown, 65 degrees there.ú we check out the high pressureú moving off to the eve. what that will do is provide us -lenty of sunshine. weewill see all of that warm air coming our way as we get the southerly flow behind high pressure bringing temperatures into the upper 80s. ttat frontal bouudary might bring us a lighttshower foo late night. a remote chance if thhre's anything to he northern most part of the state. otherwise, we will get breezy conditions for the afternoon over the next couple of days, cooler air moves in behind that
8:14 am
fronn as we get into thursday and friday and even saturday we will be neaa 80 ddgrees, maybe . that low pressure center are remnants from - will be remnnnts from what is tropical storm hermine and that is moving into ttxas ith 45-mile-an-hour winds, 32 miles northwest of brownsville, texas. we're watching gaaton be even %-watch anymore. not much to it has lost a lot of development and it may not present a problem to anybody at all but weekeep an eyy on it, nnvertheless, because things can always change. 86 degrees for the high temperature at the eastern shore with a lot of sunshine. south win at 10-15 miles per hour. afternoon breeze around 10-15. may gust to 22. that's onlyythingg with 88 degrees for the high, that might feel kind of nicc with all of the sunshine. with a lot of sun as well. you're look ago at a warm day throughout tte state today, warmer than yesterday when we wereein the low 80s. we willlget to the low 80s by
8:15 am
noon and getting the 88 higg by 4:00 this afternoon. and 86 degrees, but as you see, still clear skies and overnight tonight, 68 degrees, clouds move overnight tonight and the light shower possible only in the northern part of the state if at all..3 otherwise tomorrow, 85 degrees, 79 and mostly coolerr behinddthe front oo thursday and friday. 89 on saturday so nice weather as we move toward the end oo tte workweek. 84 with a chance of showers on sunday ut justta 30 to 40% chancc then. 83 monday with mostly sunny skiis. what do the roadways look like3 this morning? -t's kind of graphic, what does the traffic look like? herr is lauren cooke with the traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, sttve. it's very congested this morning. we do have an accident on 95, that is on the southbound lanes of caton avenue. we o want you to expect, if you're traveling 95 at the whitemarsh area, only 12 miles per hour at route 3. as we check innand take a live
8:16 am
look there, you will notice it's really, reallyygoing to be packed. if you're traveeing the beltway expect some delays in parkville. outer loop lanes are goinggto be jam packed. ú% will be a slow ride as you make your way ttward towson. -ou're traveling the west side of the beltway, do watch out for a disabled vehicle. only looking at 17 miles per hour and taking and making a right look. the kind of congession and an accident has cleared on the outer loop. we are dealing with debris as you make your way tt the southwest portion. that is going to be on the outer loop lanes as we pass 95. that is actually blocking one lane there. we do have aa ccident long the westbound lanes at oute 40 at rolling road. ww expect a lot of congestion %-pike as you makk your way towd the beltway. we have trouble in anne aruudel county where we are dealing with a crash at pasadena. that's the trafffc edge report. thank you, lauren.
8:17 am
it's still ahead, smack down3 invades baltimore. wwe superstar could b
8:18 am
upgrade your family now and get an lg env touch. or get this samsung alias for just $29.99. plus add a line for just 9.99. but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! families can connect for less at verizon.
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! the first mariner arena is about to be slamming. wrestling super stars are making one of them copy kinggton ii with us this morning. >> i'm fine. >> you had a little dance moves. >> every now and then i like to -- keeping it in -- what you saw there was the boom drop. >> and that is whattyou're nown for, the boom. >> i try to be explossve out >> and you're a crowd favorite.
8:20 am
everybody likes you. you re one of he good guys. >> i try to be. there's a line between good guys and bad guys is a lottmore blurred hese days than it used to be in the past. i'm fortunateeenough to be a fan favorite, aaguy that ppople like. >> you can't be too much of aú good guy inflicting that ind of pain. >> that is the thing, he made me anggy. outsiie of the ring i'm smiles -nd everything, once you get in there it's all businesss it's all business. >> let's tall about how you get into a career likk this, bbcause i read yyu started in the ccrporate world. how do you go rom the corporate wwrld to go to i would rathhr go and beat up people. >> in my heart i always wanted to be a wee superstar. you have childhood dreams, you want to be an astronaut whatever it may be. for whatever reason i didn't
8:21 am
follow my dream and went into a3 career that i weet into because everyone else was kind of doing it. i got in there and ii wassa not that there's anything wronn with that, but for me it didn't work. trying those moves on youru were >> days that iiwanted to. for sure. i decided to give it a shot andú follow my dreams. >> and you aree >> it worked out to say the least, yes. %-connection. me the jamaica because you're from ghana, and you live in miami. >> tampa. >> tampa, but there's a jamaica connnction. >> yeah, growing up jamaica was a big influence on my life %-you know, the culture, the fo, the music especially. when i first burrt on the scene on wwe, i wanted to do a tribute to that as welllas something
8:22 am
that waa news and unique. a lot of times you see like theú evolution of characters so this is kind oo been my story and myú evolution. tooight? who are you going to up against? >> i don't know what i am doing. i will be there. a lot of we wwe super stars wile there. -he biggest match of the night will be undertaker and canine. those are the bloaaers destruction -- brothers of destruction. >> that sounds intimidating3 ú%others of destruction. >> if you haven't been to one before, you defiiitely wwnt to do. >> now is the time. thank you so much for coming in. i appreciate it? i appreciate it. thhnk you for having me on the show. if you would like to do more, go to the show and see the brothers of destructioo, you can -et more information by logging coming up next workouts -- between workoots, how to get the most out of your time at the il.
8:23 am
styles or your kids straight from hollywood. reality t.v.
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8:25 am
>>get thh most pack for your ú%nch. you can make thh most out of %-between sets. exercising we are here to tell us how to do that with this morning's get fit with fox. >> why do i want to do that because after i huuf and puff throuug one set, i'm thinking, breathe, take a break. >> i ggt a lot of calls and e-mails about, iim spending an %-hours doing my weights and thú
8:26 am
doing my cardioand running out of time to do this. kids are baak in school. so what we do was actually, you don't need to spend that much timm in the gym. exercise get twice he result in half the time. in an hour you can get the cardioand weight training and get all of your muscles and cardiovascular in the same amount of time. >> give me annexxmpleeof what kind of exercise are we talking about doing between sets. >> you can burn up to 200 to 700 calories extra during that hour than youunormal workout routine. juup rope is one. if you're doinggyour weights between your rest time it would be only 30 seconds to a minute. you would do jump rope. ú%u come down, out, do a push up and come back up. you do that for 30 seccnds mountain climbers, hands down, and anything where yyur heart rate is moving. the only thinn i wouud suggest
8:27 am
not to do if you're going leg routine or squats or anything, i would not right from there move into a plyio ple metric lunge. you ant to make sure you're giving your muscles adequate break iffyou're doing any kind of weight training. you donnt lose out on ny of the exercises you're doing. i ean, if you start doing the added additional exercises in betweee sets, issthaa not going to tire you out. will you be just as effective for all of it? >> you will be burning here.ú you will have to buildup to it. once you start getting going, it's going to tone you u. it's going to get you n better shape in a shorter amount of -ime and the results are going to be look twice as good.3 your body is going to startt3 toning a will the quicker. %-is gging to be off the charts. >> if you can handle it.
8:28 am
>> just jump in and see how you3 do. >> for mooe information log on to sla!!/morni. coming up he has a lot on his mind. twits in just hours and what he had to say. reality t.v. star shows us this fall's hottest fashions. today is the day i double down. [ male announcer ] the kfc double down. double meat, double cheese, double bacon. double awesome. get yours today. so good. ♪ so s-o g-double-o-d good
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/ wellome back to fox 45 morninn news. 8:30 is the time. now that's a pretty site. you see blue skies, a little breeze, taking a look at thee3 nation's capital. that's theekind of day hopefully we are going to have around here. good morning, i'm patrice harrissú meteorologist steve ertig is here to tell us if we are going to enjoy that day. >> i always wonder which way the it's going toobe breezy. we will have a lot of sunshine we were in the low 80s expect for an 80s for high today. 71 in d.c., 68 in salisbury. at the bus stop not a bad
8:31 am
looking start. actually ttat was early at 67. most of you if you haven't made the bus by now, you're going to be late. clear skies that's the way things should remain for the high-level clouds later in the day and llaeetonight as we shower to the north. it will be light if anything. 88 degrees for the high as we said. we will take a look and see wha3 we see abouttcooling temperaturrs coming your way, we will let you know when. >> lauren cooke has the traffic edge. >> reporter: if you're travvling thrrugh the fort mchenry tunnel, we exppct a %-the southbound lanessat caton avenue. and unfofortunately we're dealig witt slow speeds as we make our way to the whitemarsh area. north of the beltway, will youu3 really goinn to be slow. aae you're looking at an 11-minute ride from whitemarsh boulevard to the beltway. on the beltway, we're dealing with quite bit of congestion from 95 to 83. you're looking at a 27-minute
8:32 am
ride with an average speed of 23 miles per hour. we will remain heavy as we make our way to the west side, we are dealing with a dissbled car on liberty road. fromm795 to 95, we're looking at a 30-minute ride with an average spreed of 30 miles perrhour. that's the traffic eege report. patrice, back to you. we are continuing to follow a developing story out of northwest baltimore this morning. a two-alarm fire rips through a3 vacant house leaddng toy evacuation of a near i will neag home. megan gilliland is live with happened this >> reporterr good morning, -atrice. a few minutes go the crews leave the scene allowing us to move up closer to the scene to show you what has happened and whaa has been done as a result of fire. a charred building. you can see the second floor just completely destroyed. this was a vacant home and the flames ripped through here
8:33 am
around 3:30 this morning. unfortunately those flames did spread to either side of theú buildinn. fiiefighters evacuated one manú from the house right next door. the other house is a nursing home, a senior center here and staff members there had to evacuate four residents. >> heavy smoke that caused problems for a senior center that was next door..3 that facility was evaauated as well. those occupants neither of them suffereddany injuries and they were transported to another facility. ú% reporter: fortunately no one waa hurt in this fire. thhre's been extensivv damage reports to this home. severely damaged there. as far as whether these folks will be able to go back hooe is unclear.ú the folks from the nursing home have been taken to another facility so theyyre okay right now. the investigation of what caused the fire is still ongoing.
8:34 am
megan gilliland. fox 45 morning news! it looks like a star when you go back to sshool and who better to tell us what the latest hollywood styles are than reality t.v. sttr arbina partidge. they are making her available to talk with us this morning. p> g to you. >> good mmrning. p> a llt of kids that are going back to school, they look at shows like yourssanddsay i want to dress like you. that has got to be pressure for3 yyu for one. >> it's a little bit of >> what are the kinddof things ttat you like to wear that the3 kids can go back in school in? >> since i did team up with bong owe and this is our very first ad campaign which is ery fun and i'm so excited about. one thing i like bout the brand is that it's very affordable and very stylish..3 you can gettit at k-mart and all the things we're showing you
8:35 am
these work everything is under $$00. >> that's great. >> here is our first first outfit. we started off with a simple pair of black mary jane pumps ann paired them with a pair of jeggings. and the popular are the button. up played tops. those aren't going anywhere this we added a vest to give it an ú%tra layer along with the charm bracelet. >> what the next look. i want to see what we can before we run out of ttme. >> this is aisha. it's more of punk rock. a pair of ankle boots, long what about jeans,,to me you. can never go wrong with jeans.
8:36 am
>> not at all. these a pair, one of my favoritú pair of jeans by bong o. -hey have a lot details. they enhance your butt which is very important for all the girls out there, and you know, they are greattqualiiy. i ovv them very much, and you pair these with a fashion t-shirt witt studs. it makes it a little more edgy with this pprse and one of my favorites, wrapped around bracelet watch. -o it's very stylish. >> hat about -- and i don't even know if a lost kids are3 going back to school these days, but if you wanted to dress up your look a little, can do that with the bongo line. >> definitely, if you have a t-shirt and you're going to, you ccn put a denim jacket on or a >> got it.3 >> or a lot of accessories, or instead of boots put on a pair of heels and a belt and it changes the entire look. >> thank you foo joining us this morning. great look there. >> thank you.
8:37 am
you are watching fox 45 morning news, all local all morning.
8:38 am
8:39 am
%-tuesday morning.8:39 on this we're looking at another dry day with a lot of sunshine. no problems. 70 degrees in baltimore, 71 in d.c. and hagerstown at 5. looking at the temperatures climbiig a little bit more than yesterday. tte reason woold be high pressuue overhead bring us plenty of sunshine. that is not all, becauss tte high pressure center moves off to the east, we're going to see more of a southerly flow and that is going to help the temperatures climb into the any rain dissipates and the front pushes through later in the night. and otherwise breezy afternoon
8:40 am
ask tomorrow afternoon. cooler air moves innbehind this front. look for the cooler air to bring us tempeeatures in the upper 70s by the time we ggt to thursday and friday. the low pressure center with this hermine and the ttopical storm it is, at 45-mile-an-hour winds and 52-mile opinion hour gusts. 52 miles to northwest of brownsville, texas, circulating and bring us a chance of showees into your sunday. the showers may resuut with even a little bit of thunder, too for sunday. we won't, as i said be a wash out, not expected at all. meanwhile we continue to watch gaston. we are not goinn to need to watch it, because his is falling apart, and has not much more than a 39-mile-an-hour wind. weewill continue to watch because things can change as it generally, it looks like not %-85 degrees onnthe eastern sho.
8:41 am
a lot of sunshine wiih a south3 wind at 5-15 miles per hour. it could gust as high as 20 miles per hour as e get to the 88 for the hiih here. aalost sunssine for the western part of maryland if you''e in the western part of maryland. 88 degrees with a soutthest wind lighter at 5-10 miles per hour. moving through the day we will quickly climb to 82 by noon and get to the 83-degree high. and we get drop only to 86 deggees. toniggt maincall!! mainly cleard partly cloudy with 68 degrees for the low. tomorrow 78 degrees for the high, another warm day, annther sunny ddy. look at the nice stretch ooú weather, if you like the %-you will get more of the samen thursday, and friday nnar 80 degrees give or take a couple of degrees and a lost sunshine, too. the chance forra shower on sunday or even a little thunder, 84 degrees for the high. 83, mostly clear skies for your monday. what is happening on the roadwayy right now with regard
8:42 am
to the trafffc situation?ú we turn to lauren cooke..3 shh has theetraffic edge, lauren. >> reporter: you thank you,,3 steve. if you're ttaveling through the to a crash at caton avenue. it's blocking two lanes at this tiie. slow speeds on 95, moving through the hitemarsh area, checking in and taking a life look here. youuwill notice it's really going to be low. we're looking at 13 miles per hour allng the southbound lanes at whitemarsh boulevard. we'rr dealing with aagood bit of congestion if you're traveling tte beltway, we have a live look where you can see the outer loop is going to be jammed. that will bb all the waayto if you're using the west side of the bellwayy t going to bb heavy volume herr as well. the heavy ride aloog the outer that's a disabled car at liberty road. if you have trouble in the southwest portion, you want to watch out for some debris. we have lost one of the outer loop lanes pass 95. we do have a crash to tell you
8:43 am
about on the westbound lanes at route 44 at rolling road. and if you are traveling up in harford ounty, e do want to watch out fore debris along route 40 there's a revolve that's he traffic edge report. pptrice,,back to you. thaak you, lauren. welwelcome to the bank robey of america. the movie stars blake hively and is directed byyben affleck. fox 45 as tickets to an exclusive screening. you just need be the 4th or 5th caller aa (410)48114545 to win a 4 pack of advanced it looks likeethe 80s really are ack. the second celebrity faux passin a row that has us thinking about 80's sit-coom hat kanye west had to say
8:44 am
8:45 am
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that was easy. apologizes. a sttpping strer stirs u!! songe ex. kanye west is sorry, really, sorry. he started out lick every celebrity on twitter, with a few twitter.imply man, i love he spent about 100 tweets in two hours over theeweekend. moss of them were about that little fight he had with taylor swift. you remember. he said a llts like overnight he became geooge bush and he realized he needed to grow up.
8:47 am
-e ended up apologizinggand would like taylor to sing.ú if she refuses, he will sing it for erment there's no news on whattbrought this guilt trip on. alicia keys is my girl, but3 this whole swift mistress turned thing. now her husband exxwife says that a pregnanttalicia has demanded that her other kids call her mommy. actually,mu i but that meanss3 mommy in arrbic. mind and then swift didn't deny it. so get mommy 101 alicia, you can't is it tte tep kidssto call you mommy, especially when you stole daddy from mommy, okay. speaking of relationship 101, let's practice, ooking up with jesse james. fine, hook up with him but take him on the red carpet ann tell the world that you're in love
8:48 am
with this adultererrer an!!! ado it 8 weeks after his divorce is3 ú%llock thought so, too. jesse has been tight-lipped but he says he is happy and he likes everything about cat..3 i'm wondering if the resemblanne ú%tween her and his mistress maybe have something to do with. they got bustee in l.a. last week. you have to bb disappointed after doing the jail time for all of those guns, communiiy service and being the star of box office hit takers, you get arrested for having ecstasy in the car anddthen he gett the wife running it with him. did ww not learn from the mistakes offour favorite socialite paris hilton.ú she was released from jail but
8:49 am
federal probation. we will have to ee. this week's cclebrityy3 fashion faux pas is not a would take it this far with hhr come back. we knowwshe has been hiding under a rock for a while, but we didn't expect her to come back looking like steve erking. >> i'm brandi proctor, i will see you next week. wow, i can't even help to defend lauren. brandi was right on. ú%> coming up next honoring educators, how dunki dunkin dons giving them a sseet reward just ii time for back to school. what you think you know
8:50 am
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:52 am
is bacc to the books for both kids and ttachers. dunkin donuus want to honor he people who educate our children. ú% are joined this morning with more. >> always good to see you,,too. >> it's always good to see you when bring a lot of oughnuts and goodies. >> a llt of good stuff.ú >> tell us what is going onwith teachers and doughnuts. this year we are honoring teacherr. every teacher in september get a free med annua medium coffee.
8:53 am
>> any teacher. teacher id. if you work at a school you ggt a free medium coffee on tuesday's in septemberr >> that's nice, they work hard. they have to work with the children so it's nice to give back to them. ú% we like to honor unsung here on. >> we had you all n here numerous times to taak abbut this, butthow long have you been doing this? p> this our 3rd and 4th year doing this. >> you're gwyneth t not going tp >> we honor millitary and. >> i thought you were going to p> talk about what else you can get at duncan doughnuus, right -ow we have a monkey oughnut. it was actually the duncan douuhnut contest winner. ttere's some in our store. >> what is it. >> a it's a dog nut with a
8:54 am
banana foster's cream in here. >> we have a fly in here..3 >> it has icing and has a resees peanut butter chips on top. >> you had me at icing. ú% this is the egg whites that ww converted themminto triangle, -ou can get a bite of egg bite in every bite. >> very healthy and you finish it up with the doughnutt3 >> we have chhcolate chip agel twists. >> whatever you have a taste for, you're going to be fine if you stop at dunkin donuts. >> thank you for honoring the teachers who do hard work. if you would ike more
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
there are at least 40,000 cases of sallonella poisoning reported every year in the u.s. children, the elderly anddthose withhchronic illnnss right side the most llkely vvctims. and as dr. marshal explains,3 misinformation may be to blame. -p>> recipes can be handedddown from one generation to thh next. safety can about food you're ore likely to get sick at a restaurant than at home.3 actually, the opposite is true. microwaiving kills all bacteria. no not unless you heat it to 165 deerees..3 use a meattthermometer. >> thawing meat on the counter is safe. leave food at room temperature %-feeding ground.bacteria at >> the mold may be the tip of
8:58 am
the iceberg. bacttria may be hiding underneath. wash cutting boards, counters with hot soapy water and remember cold foods must stay cold and hot foods must stay hot.3 kids are bacc in school and you know what that means, weatherrkid wednesday is back in session. if you would like yyur kii to be a part of ur weather kid teacher, rincipal, counselor send their information to our nomination to our station, 2,041st street, baltimore tonight. 71 degrees on thursday and looking pretty good on thursday. a nice weather and the wii low
8:59 am
80s. >> are you upset about the >> no, i'm upset that robbie is leaving us. had is his last day. >> e as been here for a while, too. >> a long time snarks yeah. >>we'reegoing to miss you. >> mm goodness. he is going off to get married3 and dd big things. >> yep. >> one of our directors. >> what will we do without a -irector. >> let me tell you, robbie is not in here to say goodbye. he is here to get closer to the doughnuts. that is what he it's really about. >>that is true. >> we will miss you robby. >> not going to far? >> virginia. >> you're going to have bad traffic down there. ú% i just wanted to tell you. >> we will see you. bad eather, too.
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